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About MyMotoShield

Our Product

MyMotoShield is a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) and Extended Warranty product that covers the costs (parts and labor) of repairing or replacing mechanical and electrical vehicle components that stop working in the normal course of use. It complements comprehensive or 3rd party vehicle insurance by protecting against repairs that are excluded from vehicle insurance. Customers can purchase coverage for 12 or 24 months. Total number of components covered range from about 200 to over 700, depending on the product bundle.


We utilize high quality parts that meet the standards demanded in the United States and Western Europe and provide a warranty of 6 months/6,000 kilometers on all parts and labor used.

Product Administrator and Underwriter

MyMoto-XE is the product owner and administrator of MyMotoShield while all our VSCs are ultimately backed by the underwriting capacity and strength of Cornerstone Insurance Plc.

About Us

The goal of MyMotoShield is to improve the vehicle ownership experience for customers in Nigeria. We achieve this in the following ways:

  • We remove the concern that customers have about how to pay for unforeseen, high repair expenses, which for example can cost over N250,000 for a broken transmission in several cases
  • We extend the useful life of customers’ vehicles by ensuring that only high quality, warranty-backed replacement parts and services are used. We have a no haggle policy on repairs performed under our contracts – if the part fails or the repair is not properly done, we will replace the part and/or get the repair work redone at zero cost to the customer


We are a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in insurance, information technology, Vehicle Service Contracts and operations. Our teams are situated where they are best suited to deliver on the expertise required.

MyMotoShield is one of the products of MyMoto-XE (, a brand of Rivermews Limited, a Company incorporated in Nigeria.