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Q: What is a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)?

A: A VSC or Extended Warranty is designed to replicate the benefits a customer enjoys from a vehicle manufacturer warranty when she/he purchases a brand new vehicle. A VSC enables owners of used vehicles to protect their vehicles from unexpected high repair costs.

Q: Why do I need a VSC?

A: Every car eventually breaks down and modern cars are more complicated to repair due to the increased use of advanced electronics. This means that a mechanical breakdown or a relatively minor defect can cost a fortune. Buying a VSC protects the investment you made in your car and ensures you get the highest quality repairs, thereby extending the life of your vehicle.

Q: What cars do you cover?

A: We generally cover most passenger cars. We do not cover high performance sports cars or vehicles that have been customized differently from the manufacturer’s original specification. We cover both new and used cars, including those that are currently in use by the customer.

Q: What types of parts do you cover?

A: The total number of components (major components and sub components) covered range from about 200 to over 700, depending on the product bundle purchased. Covered items include: Engine components - pistons, crankshaft, valves, etc.; Electrical components and motors - alternator, starter, window motor, wiper motor, etc.; Transmission components; Suspension - shock absorbers, struts, etc.; Steering components - tie rod, steering pump, etc.; A/C components - condenser, compressor, etc.; Hi-tech components - brain box, sensors, etc.; Engine cooling - radiator, water pump, etc.; Drive axle - CV shaft, propeller shaft, etc.; Brake – ABS booster, brake calipers, etc.; Fuel delivery - injector, pump, etc.

Q: How long does it take to settle a claim?

A: We will aim to provide decision on claims within a few hours of when the request is made. Depending on the additional verification or diagnostics that may occur, the claim decision can take a bit longer. We expect claim decisions to be made within 1 to 8 working hours.

Q: What does a VSC not cover and what other limitations exist?

A: A VSC does not cover the following:
- Repairs arising from accidents. These types of repairs are covered under a vehicle insurance policy provided by an insurance company
- Body and structural repairs to the vehicle - car seats, dashboard, body panels (interior and exterior) etc.
Limitations: Due to tough driving conditions in Nigeria, the following items are limited to one replacement every 24 months – suspension, steering and axle components. The total value of claims that can be made during a coverage period is capped at a multiple (typically 20x of price paid for the VSC).

Q: How much does the VSC cost?

A: Price payable varies based on vehicle make/model/year, mileage and the product bundle purchased. You can obtain real-time quotes on our website or the websites of the insurance companies we work with.

Q: Is there a flexible payment option?

A: We are currently working with a consumer lending company to provide seamless financing of payments. Approval is immediate and you can still complete your purchase in a few minutes on our website. A 12-month VSC can be paid in 4 equal monthly installments while a 24-month VSC can be paid in 6 equal monthly installments. Please note that a flexible payment option attracts a fee.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: We offer refunds of contracts cancelled within 20 days of purchase. Beyond 20 days, there is a no cancellation except in the event a car is lost to fire or theft. We will require appropriate proof of such unfortunate events.

Q: How long does coverage last?

A: We offer both 12-month and 24-month contracts. Coverage starts at the end of the 30-day wait period and 600 km driven.

Q: What is the wait period and why is it required?

A: Coverage under the VSC commences only after a 30-day wait period plus 600 kilometers driven from the date of purchase. The wait period is required to ensure that the vehicles we cover do not already have problems at the time coverage is purchased. This helps us keep the prices of our VSCs affordable for all customers.

Q: What type of replacement parts and repair shops do you use and do you provide warranty on the repairs?

A: We use high quality replacement parts manufactured by reputable manufacturers. The parts we use are of the same standard as those authorized for sale in the United States and Western Europe and we provide a 6-month/6,000 kilometer warranty on the replacement parts. We work with a diverse network of certified and highly skilled mechanics for repairs. We also provide a warranty on repairs performed by our mechanics.

Q: Which mechanics do you use and how did you select them?

A: We work with a broad spectrum of mechanics in strategic locations to ensure there is a mechanic within a reasonable distance to the customer at all times. Our mechanics range from high-end repair shops affiliated with dealerships to highly skilled standalone shops with the requisite expertise that will match the customer’s unique needs. We maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the repair shops to ensure a certain level of service and provide warranty on the work.

Q: What cities do you operate in?

A: We plan to provide coverage across as many cities as possible within Nigeria. At this time, our coverage zone is within Lagos only. This means that if a covered problem occurs outside Lagos, the customers will be required to get the vehicle to Lagos at his/her own cost before we can proceed to fulfill the claim.